Obsidian X Recognizes Trisha's Big Award and Exciting Trip

Obsidian X's leadership is pleased to announce that Trisha, a valued team member, was named Administrator of the Year during the annual Rest and Relaxation Retreat held in November in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

​Jackson, Obsidian X’s Director of Operations, noted that this was a huge accomplishment for Trisha, whose hard work and dedication have had a direct impact on improving team efforts and morale as a whole. In fact, not only is Trisha being recognized at the office level, but also on the national level for her exemplary performance.

There are many factors considered when it comes to who from Obsidian X is selected to attend one of the many travel events. During the year, team members might have a chance to go to another region or attend a national conference as well. Jackson noted that each trip has a certain bar that needs to be cleared if people want to qualify to go. The R&R Retreat is perhaps the most coveted because it’s an all-expenses-paid weekend in an exotic locale. The highlights of this trip include plenty of time for play, networking with top-level executives, and of course, awards and recognition. 

In addition to reaching specific goals, Jackson noted that positive attitude and a leadership mentality play heavily into who is chosen for a travel reward. He stressed that being a role model on the local and national level, like Trisha, is taken into consideration. 

Obsidian X President on the Pluses From Rewarding Hard Work and Dedication 

As Jackson noted, Obsidian X’s travel program is one of the ways in which the firm recognizes and rewards team members for reaching targets and setting positive examples in all that they do. He shared how Trisha’s recent award will be a continued source of motivation not only for her as she continues to deliver results in 2019, but a goal for which others can strive to achieve.

The trips, while exciting, are not the only sources of recognition. Jackson shared that there are plenty of friendly contests in the office for which people can earn chances to walk away with a nice prize. There are also simpler forms of appreciation, such as celebrating individual and group milestones, that build momentum across the team.

The most effective reward though comes from the career opportunities available here. From day one, each person has a professional path that allows them to learn and advance at a pace they set. Promotions are based on merit and continue through as people work toward leading their own office someday. This approach, combined with fun opportunities to visit new places, is one of the reasons Obsidian X will continue to develop top talents like Trisha. 

About Obsidian X: 
Obsidian X is a leader in customer acquisitions and direct sales campaigns that generate rock-solid results for the companies they represent. The firm’s team excels at creating event-based outreach solutions that position products and services so people can experience them firsthand. The firm’s exclusive promotional campaigns and rewards packages are trusted by local and national business partners alike because they deliver accelerated growth. Brands count on the firm’s expertise to pinpoint the right messages and capture customers’ attention, igniting positive word-of-mouth expansion. Learn more about their approach and expansions at obsidianxinc.com.

Source: Obsidian X