Obsidian X is Expanding Once Again

Obsidian X's Director of Operations discussed the firm's plans to open a new market in the coming weeks. He highlighted the team member leading the effort and outlined the firm's commitment to setting ambitious goals.

“There’s extra excitement around the Obsidian X’s office these days,” stated Jackson, the firm’s Director of Operations. “We’re going to expand into Burbank in the coming weeks. This move marks another milestone in our company’s growth, so we’re all looking forward to making the most of it. Jessica, one of our assistant managers, will be running the new office and has spent the past few months searching for the right location and training her team.”

Jackson believes Jessica is uniquely suited to run a successful office. He explained, “She’s proven herself around Obsidian X’s HQ with her strong work ethic and positive attitude. People are inspired to follow Jessica because she establishes clear objectives and holds herself accountable to achieving them.”

Jessica also maintains good habits that help her reach her career advancement goals. Jackson stated, “You can’t just say you’re inspired to be successful; you have to be willing to put in the work to make it happen. Jessica may be the best example of this philosophy, which is why she’s become a respected leader within our company.”

The firm’s latest expansion venture will create many opportunities for team members to move into management roles. Further plans for entering new markets also mean more openings for entry-level sales and marketing managers. “It’s a great time to be part of the Obsidian X family,” Jackson offered. “Moving into Burbank promises growth for our team members and even bigger wins for the brands we represent.”

Obsidian X’s Director of Operations on the Importance of Setting Clear Goals

One reason for Obsidian X’s continuing growth is the emphasis on goal setting that permeates its culture. Jackson remarked, “From each team member’s first days on the job, we stress the value of establishing specific goals that provide real inspiration. As our sales and marketing managers learn to monitor their progress and make adjustments, they also aim higher with every milestone they achieve.”

Future goals for expansion create a similar effect for Obsidian X. The Burbank venture is just the latest pursuit for a company driven by ambitious targets. Jackson concluded, “We know staying on the leading edge of our industry requires us to set the bar progressively higher. We’re already eyeing future sites to keep building our firm’s winning reputation.”

About Obsidian X

Obsidian X is a leader in customer acquisitions and direct sales campaigns that generate rock-solid results for the companies they represent. The firm’s team excels at creating event-based outreach solutions that position products and services so people can experience them firsthand. The firm’s exclusive promotional campaigns and rewards packages are trusted by local and national business partners alike because they deliver accelerated growth. Brands count on the firm’s expertise to pinpoint the right messages and capture customers’ attention, igniting positive word-of-mouth expansion. Learn more about their approach and expansions at obsidianxinc.com.

Source: Obsidian X